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Auratek Security, LLC. is a U.S. company which manufacturers the Wave-Guard “RF” Intrusion Detection System, a state of the art outdoor perimeter security sensor line which utilizes the latest technology in radio frequency sensors. The Wave-Guard combines a high optimum performance with a high reliability of detection to merit accolades as the premier buried sensor on the market today.

The concept is fairly simple, the sensor cable consists of a partially shielded “leaky” coaxial cable which can either receive or transmit RF signals. Therefore, multiple hopping RF frequencies are transmitted using various mediums such as: high gain dipole antenna, miniature whip antennas, small flat antennas and even a “leaky” coaxial cable. These configurations are commonly referred to as cable to antenna configurations and cable to cable configurations. After installation and proper calibration, the sensor cable receives the RF signals at an establish strength with a programmable threshold which is set to detect human intrusions. The disturbances caused by an intruder crossing the electro-magnetic detection field of approximately three feet in radius around the sensor cable is enough to create an intrusion alarm. In other words, an alarm is triggered upon disturbances of the received signals which is compared with the transmitted signals using ‘leaky’ coaxial cable.

The Wave-Guard “RF” IDS is very versatile in that it can be installed as a buried medium or on ground surfaces, walls, rooftops and fences. The discreet and covert design offers maximum protection with a minimum change to the outward appearance of property and assures an increased chance of detection and a decreased chance of the system being defeated. It is also a very reliable and adaptable perimeter security solution in that the system is calibrated to resist alarm activation by small animals and weather and can be applied over hills, through dense bush, around corners and can follow the contour of any terrain without leaving blind spots.

The major market segments for the Wave-Guard include Military Bases & Assets, Governmental, Commercial, VIP Residences, Law Enforcement, Museums, Banks, Utilities (hydro, water, nuclear, oil and gas), Correctional Institutions, Communications and Transportation, Embassies and Airports.


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