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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who uses the Wave-Guard “RF” Intrusion Detection System?

The Wave-Guard is widely used in the utilities sector (hydro, nuclear sites, water treatment plants and reservoirs), correctional facilities, law enforcement, military applications, government sites, technological sensitive sites and zoos.  The Wave-Guard also has a very strong presence in the V.I.P. community

How does the Wave-Guard “RF” IDS work?

The technology uses a leaky coaxial cable (ported coax) to create an electromagnetic volumetric detection field of 1m (3.3’) in radius around the coaxial sensor cable.

Are false alarms affected by weather conditions?

No.  The Wave-Guard “RF” IDS is not affected by rain, snow, wind or temperature fluctuations.  The harsh desert environments of Kuwait combined with the frigid winter conditions of the Northern U.S. and Canada substantiate the weather proven performance operation of this system. 

Can wildlife (small animals or birds) trigger nuisance alarms?

No.  The Wave-Guard is designed to detect intruders weighing more than 70 Kg. (70 lb.) and the system can be calibrated to meet your specific needs.

How is the system installed on metal fences?

The system can be mounted to the inside of the fence using non-metallic PVC stand-offs.  It is recommended that the sensor cable be installed on the surface inside the fenced area.

Is routine maintenance required?

No.  The Wave-Guard does not require ongoing maintenance.  One preventative site visit per year is recommended.

Can moving branches cause false alarms?

The Wave-Guard can be used in wooded area.  It is recommended that the system be set back from trees by a few meters.

Will humidity cause problems for the electronic components of the system?

No.  The Wave-Guard’s printed circuit boards (PCB’s) are coated with a protective silicon layer that resists humidity.

Is test equipment required?

No.  A PC or laptop computer is only required for the first time calibration.

What about lightning strikes?

The Wave-Guard can withstand a 5 kilowatt surcharge without damaging the system or giving out false alarms.

Who installs the Wave-Guard?

AuraTek Security technicians are recommended to install the Wave-Guard.  In addition, qualified factory trained installers can also be utilized.

Can the Wave-Guard be expanded for future considerations?

Yes.  The Wave-Guard electronics are quite flexible to accommodate expansion.


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